SAFU & Rugproof

Zeuswap is 100% rugproof and SAFU

%10 of Token Supply is locked and held by third party (Contract Checker) as insurance for refund as added layer of security to investors. This is our full commitment to bring confidence back to DeFI.

Liquidity is locked for 365 Days in Pinklock, so the developer does not have any means to drain the liquidity.

All Tokens will be locked minimum of 1 month , therefore the developer, team, private sale investor does not have any tokens to sell for at least 1 month after launch.

Zeuswap KYC'ed by Pinksale and Audited by Pinksale approved auditor

Developer does not have access to change Sell/Buy until after 14 days of launch and maximum tax for both Sell and Buy has been capped at 25%

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