Zeuswap Insurance Program

Peace of mind in DeFI with Zeuswap Insurance Scheme Protection

With Zeuswap Insurance Program, days of getting rugged in DeFI is a thing of a past. With Zeuswap Insurance Program rest assured investors that purchase from our DEX will be covered by insurance (Subject to terms and condition, only projects with liquidity lock more than 1 year and other criteria will be announced, all SAFU projects are insured)

How will this shape future of DeFI?

With Zeuswap Insurance Program investors trust and confidence in DeFI will skyrocket and we will be seeing more strong hodlers in DeFI projects this enabling more DeFI projects to make more multifold gains.

More transactions means more rewards for Zeuswap holders

All transaction fees from Zeuswap users will proceed towards Zeuswap buyback fund.

Zeuswap will be the leading DEX in 1 year

One thing we know in blockchain anything can happen. In the past Unicrypt has been the number 1 launchpad for Binance Smart Chain DeFI projects and then came DxSale was reigning as the top launch pad for months and now Pinksale is the no.1 choice for launchpad. With great vision and hardworking team we will work our way to the top to make Zeuswap as the leading choice of Decenstralized Exchange, we will be the only swap that offers to compensate losses through rugs and malicious actors in this space. We are commited to make DeFI safe again for the greater good of the entire crypto community.

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