Tokenomics And Buy/Sell Taxes


Exchange: 2.5%

Big Buy Token Reward: 10% - To make the project more lucrative to whales, we have to offer extra token reward in order to hedge whales risk

Liquidity: 15%

Marketing: 5% - To ensure continuity of the project with constant stream of new buyers

Team 5% - Locked for 2 months, ensuring the team to fully dedicate on the project to ensure its success.

Presale: 30%

Staking Reward: 12.5% - High APR reward for holders

Insurance Protection: 10% - Holders and Zeuswap users that are victim of rugs will get compensation from this fund

Secure Asset Funds For Users Held By 3rd Party: 10% - In any event if the project fails or dies, holders with higher percentage of losses will be refunded.

Total Supply: 100,000,000

All tokens outside of Presale and Liquidity will be locked in Pinklock token locker prior to launch on Pinksale.

Buy Fees: 3%

  • Marketing : 1%

  • Liquidity Pool: 1%

  • Insurance Scheme Protection 1%

Sell Fees: 8%

  • Marketing : 1%

  • Buyback Pool : 7%

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