Zeuswap Buyback Scheme

Sustainable ecosystem through our price stabilisation system

Buyback-tax centric tax is put in place in order to ensure the stability of the token price. As the project goes on, over time with millions of buying and selling volume the team will eventually hold most of the tokens and subsequently reduces floating token held by other investors and this will create even better price stability benefitting long-term investors and even short-term investors to buy the dip as no dip is permanent with our aggressive buyback schemes. Tokens acquired from buyback will never be sold and will be allocated to staking rewards and other future rewards creating a compounding effect of a return to investors.

Our team has vast experience in DeFI having taken part in numerous projects and after months of brainstorming we came up with this stabilisation system to ensure no holder is a bag holder and buying the dip may as well benefit everyone those who have sold higher and those who are caught buying at higher price but in all grand scheme of thing we are highly confident that the project will take off higher and higher. On top of the recurring buyback taxes, we will preserve most of the initial presale liquidity for buybacks.

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